Random Thoughts: Sandin and Campbell

There are a lot of people out there talking about trading Morgan Rielly in order to give Rasmus Sandin his minutes, essentially freeing up cap space and avoiding giving Rielly a raise at the same time. I hate the idea. I know what Rielly is and I understand the frustration from fans when they see … Read more

Trade Deadline Targets Revised

With the combination of the Nashville Predators turning their season around, which in turn has appeared to have taken them out of the sellers market and a trade that saw Kyle Palmieri and Travis Zajac head to the New York Islanders, Leafs fans have had to reimagine who may be the team’s main target heading … Read more

Game #38 – Post Game Thoughts

If you watched the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Calgary Flames game on Sunday night and happened to pick up your phone and check twitter halfway through the second period – you’d think Calgary under Coach Daryl Suter was a bottom feeding team we were supposed to easily beat 6-1. Calgary needs no motivation to come … Read more

Thoughts after Leafs game 36 of 56:

It’s hard to always find a game to game narrative halfway through a condensed season where you play the same 5 teams over and over again. Sometimes it’s just the better team that wins, the one with the hotter goalie, the one with better puck luck or the more rested team. Sometimes it’s a combination … Read more

Okay, so let’s just forget about the whole give-freddy-covid idea from my last article, here, for now (lower body injury—fuck yes!) so we can talk about the next worst Maple Leaf right now. Before we shit on this guy’s head I should say that as a Leafs fan I, and probably you, require a whipping … Read more

Let’s Talk About A Couple Of Bad Ideas

Well…… just “wow” is all I can say about these bad ideas that, somehow, are being accepted as great ideas in some parts of the internet. I know that things can quickly spin out of control in Leafs Nation, but at this point we’re teetering on the brink of insanity. Let’s start with this doozie … Read more

Is It Time For A Fredless Leafs Team?

Monday, the fifteenth day of March in the year of our Lord 2021 and I am sitting in a small, cluttered home office, two-thousand miles from Toronto, trying to concoct a method of infecting Freddy Andersen with Covid-19. If I reflect for just a moment I’ll feel grateful that we actually get to watch hockey … Read more

The Fickle Fans Rumour Mill

It takes so little for us Leafs fans to get wound into a tizzy when it comes to trade rumours. So little, in fact, that saying absolutely nothing, no player names or teams, no specific position except for “winger” and no hint of cost, contract term, cap hits, left or right shot, height, weight, hair … Read more