Blues Bag of Pucks

Another edition of Blues Bag of Pucks has arrived and we had some great questions come in, so let’s get right to it.  What do you think of Head Coach Sheldon Keefe so far? This is a results based business, and the simple fact of the matter is Coach Keefe is getting positive results. Under … Read more

Blues Bag of Pucks

We received some good questions this week so let’s dig in!! Will Rasmus Sandin see much game time and if not, will it affect his development? I don’t see where Sandin fits in on the blueline right now, so no, I don’t believe he’ll see any game time this year unless the team gets bit … Read more

january 3rd means training camps are open

Today marks the day that training camps open around the league for teams that qualified for last summers 24 team, return to play tournament. The other 7 teams’ (Ottawa, Buffalo, Detroit, New Jersey, San Jose, Anaheim and Los Angeles) camps opened a few days ago, but that’s for their sites to cover. Teams won’t get … Read more

Blues Bag of pucks

Welcome to another edition of Blues Bag of Pucks, where nobody wins and the goals don’t matter.  We’ll get this rolling right away with a question that was asked and then, in other words, asked again:  The Question:You know what I’m curious about? This whole “leopard can change its spots” narrative where players can learn … Read more

nhl/nhlpa reach tentative agreement

It appears that hockey will return on January 13th, as the NHL and NHLPA have reached a tentative agreement to begin regular season play on that date. Camps will open on January 3rd for all teams that qualified for the play-in round last summer, with the rest getting a few days more to prepare via … Read more

canadian division “probable” says bettman

This isn’t something that will come as a surprise to anybody here, of that I’m sure. There have been rumours of a temporary Canadian Division floating around for weeks now. Due to the very real and very serious COVID-19 pandemic, travel between the United States and Canada has been suspended. This means that any play … Read more

NHL/NHLPA making progress…. maybe

I’ll let Frank Seravalli take it from here: While Gary Bettman can say that they aren’t looking to renegotiate the CBA, it’s also been put out there that he has made the players know that how their earning are managed in the future will depend on the decisions they make in the present. In other … Read more

Is Hockey Coming Back This Season?

They’re calling it COVID fatigue. It’s not that people are relaxing, it’s simply that folks have been locked down for so long that they just want to do things that give them a sense of normalcy again. Like Christmas shopping, or giving somebody a hug. You know, all those terrible things we aren’t allowed to … Read more