About PuckinLeafs

PUCKINLEAFS.CA is an evolution of an established online community of die-hard Maple Leafs fans brought together by our love for the Leafs, and the hope that one day we will all be rewarded for our suffering.

Over the years of discussion around the Toronto Maple Leafs many of us have gotten to know one another very well. From downtown meet ups for drinks and a bite to eat before hitting a Leafs or Marlies game, to the Smashville road trip, to the by now world famous “Summits” this is a group that goes beyond just the faceless names in the comments section.

During this time discussions evolve beyond just the Leafs and other interests are shared and PUCKINLEAFS.CA was built to expand upon and serve those interests.

You may witness heated debates but you shouldn’t read them with an angry voice, at least 99.9% of the time. You should read it with a laugh as most of the time that is how it is intended. Friendly, passionate banter.If you have been on the sideline as a visitor reading along don’t let this scare you off. We are always happy to welcome new people. Anyone is welcome to come spend time at the wild and wonderful PUCKINLEAFS.CA

PUCKINLEAFS.CA is an independent fan site and is not affiliated with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment in any form.