Forward vs Defense

The debate around the water cooler at the moment revolves around what to do with the extra cap space left in the wake of Jake Muzzin’s cervical spine injury, which will more than likely mean the end of his season and possibly his career. While a few names that are making the rounds include Luke … Read more

Another Week TO GO

One week from today will mark the beginning of the 2022/23 Toronto Maple Leafs season. I still haven’t mustered up much excitement for the games to come, but I’m sure I’ll get into it as the season progresses. Good luck to the players that are battling for the few remaining roster spots.

Training Camp + NHL News

The Leafs open training camp today, but a couple of players won’t be there due to injury: This could leave a couple of spots open on the roster come opening night. Presumably for hopefuls and/or players that have been signed to PTOs (Zach-Aston Reese, Nick Robertson etc) to crack the opening day lineup. It could … Read more

On The Bright Side….

I’m tired of reading idiotic, over-the-top proclamations on Twitter and making fun of it, but I’m also tired of being so damn negative, so, instead, I’m going to join the “It’s Always Sunny In Leaf Nation” crowd and point out a few good things about this team that aren’t insanely out to lunch: Goaltending Yeah, … Read more