NHL Free Agent Frenzy

Free agency opens tomorrow and it will prove to be a big day for the Leafs. After a boring NHL Entry Draft, where the team selected just 3 players and stayed away from the trading game (of which there were many) due to lack of trade capital, they are now in a situation where they … Read more

NHL Entry Draft

There’s really very little to say about this year’s NHL Entry Draft. The Leafs hold just 3 picks this year and none are very high on the board. With picks #57, 153 and 185, even if they decide to pull off a patented Dubas-trade-back to recoup more picks, we still shouldn’t expect much action. For … Read more

Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft

Just going to drop a little news here on the day of the expansion draft: Leafs Nation erupted after seeing this video leak from Seattle that appears to show them recording the teams selection of Alex Kerfoot: However, word grew that they were recording multiple takes for different players, one of those players being newly … Read more

Welcome Back Travis Dermott!!

What do you even say about Travis Dermott? With good mobility, not much offensive flare, some questionable defensive instincts and not much else, he isn’t exactly lighting the NHL on fire. With this said, he does serve as good depth. The question is if you should pay $1.5M per season for good depth? According to … Read more

Where Do The Leafs Go From Here?

The dust has sort of settled on another disappointing playoff performance by the Toronto Maple Leafs. But, there is certainly plenty of anger, bitterness and sadness still out there over this stinging playoff defeat at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens. However, there isn’t much that can be done about it now. The team lost, in … Read more