Game #7: Leafs @ Hurricanes, 7pm (EST)

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I have to be honest, I’m not even sure what to say about this franchise anymore. The coach is saying that Saturday wasn’t that big of a deal, because a contender being blown out by a team that is missing their 5 best players is perfectly normal.

I have to disagree. It is absolute indicative of who you are as a team. This is a team that blows 3-1 series’ leads against the worst team to make the playoffs. This is a team that, when they last faced the Carolina Hurricanes, lost to a zamboni driver. This is a team that can’t start or finish games and who continuously find new and more embarrassing ways to lose. This, Sheldon, is the identity of your team.

Anyway, I’m hoping something starts to change because I hate that I hate this team.