Game #6: Leafs @ Penguins, 7pm (EST)

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The fans are tired of the same old shit, but luckily Auston Matthews wants to learn from last night’s loss to the San Jose Sharks.

I can’t begin to explain how exasperated I am with reading quotes like that. This team hasn’t learned a damn thing since they’ve been assembled. They haven’t learned to show up on time, how to protect a lead or kill a penalty or even score on the powerplay. They haven’t learned how to close out a game or a series or how to play like a team that wants to win.

I’ve learned they’re full of shit though.

I might watch this foolishness tonight but I’m tired. I work a lot and I’m just not sure that spending free time on this group of overpaid losers is a good choice anymore.

Anyway, Jack Campbell starts for the Leafs and Jarry will go for the Penguins, who have a laundry list of players sitting out:

Without those key pieces this should be a slam dunk for the Leafs……. that’s why I took the Penguins on my pro-line.

Enjoy the game.