The Game After Game #7: Leafs @ Hawks, 7:30pm (EST)

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I’m predicting a Leafs win tonight because, as the title says, they’ve managed to get past game #7, so now it’s anybody’s game.

Also, the Hawks are the only team in the league that are a bigger shit show than the Leafs righ now, after all hell broke loose regarding a sexual assault coverup in 2011:

A shoutout to Rick Westhead, who has done some seriously solid reporting on this story. A read through his timeline about everything that has happened is strongly recommended.

Back to the game:

It looks like Campbell vs Lankinen tonight. That’s all I have. I don’t care about lines or powerplay setup’s, because Keefe will only revert back to the same bullshit by the 30 minute mark.

Enjoy the game.

GO LEAFS, I guess?