Round 1, Game 3: Leafs @ Lightning, 7:30pm (EST)

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This was never going to be an easy series to win, but after splitting the two games at home the Leafs have essentially handed home ice advantage to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

That makes things more difficult, but not impossible.

At the very least the Leafs needs to win one of the next two games in Tampa, and they may as well make that happen tonight, right?

I have my own Beer League playoffs to get to tonight, so I won’t be on the board until later this evening, if at all, so I’m counting on all of you to add some sarcasm, pessimism and generally grouchyness on my behalf.

It would appear that Jason Spezza and Justin Holl will return to the lineup for game 3:

The reason for the changes? Well, it would appear that the Leafs are too tough and gooning it up like they’ve been doing isn’t helping at all. Spezza himself, when asked what he can bring to the lineup, said poise is something he can add…… who would have ever thought we would be saying this about the Leafs?

It’s possible that the Lightning could beat the shit out of the Leafs tonight, as they really don’t have anybody that can pick up for themselves against the likes of Perry and Maroon, who will play a physical game without deterrent. Which just goes to show that they’re playing a team that can win in different ways and, as many of us have been saying for years now, adding a 4th line goon isn’t adding team toughness, they need guys that can play a physical style of hockey and they need them higher in the lineup.

Enjoy the game.