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We’ll start with a couple of bits of sad news:

Borje played 1099 regular season games with the Toronto Maple Leafs, placing him 3rd in games played for the franchise behind George Armstrong and Tim Horton. He’s the only non-Canadian to play over 1000 regular season games for the club and the only non-Canadian in the top 5 in games played. He’s the all-time leading defender in points for the Leafs as well and by a large margin. His 768 regular season points total dwarfs Tomas Kaberle’s 520. In short, he’s arguably the best defender the Leafs have ever had and we wish him the best in his battle with this terrible disease. Stay strong Borje!! Leafs Nation is behind you all the way!!

In other sad news, Ben Stelter has passed away. I’m sure you’ll all recognize this little man’s face:

Sometimes the impact somebody has on the world can be made in a very short amount of time. This is the case with Ben. His reach went beyond the Oilers organization, as we all saw the joy that this game we love can bring to a young man that fought so bravely for his life over the years. Our condolences go out to the Stelter family. Rest in peace, Ben.

The World Junior Championships have begun again, and the Leafs have a few prospects playing in the tournament. The big name to watch is Matthew Knies, however, Topi Niemela and Roni Hirvonen are playing as well and will be fun to watch.

Here’s a link to the schedule: