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First, some good news:

I’m cheering for Amirov. It doesn’t matter if you ever liked the pick or not, all that matters is that you never want to see a young man’s dream of playing in the NHL get derailed by a brain tumor. It’s hard not to want to see this kid succeed.

This is for discussion purposes only, as I don’t believe this is something that Kyle Dubas would consider. In fact, I don’t think he’d ever be able to trade a top player from this roster. He just doesn’t have it in him:

That seems like a hefty price for Chychrun, but scoring depth can be obtained more easily than top end defenders. If the Coyotes and Leafs are talking trade and the main pieces are Nylander and Chychrun, what do you think the deal should look like?

Lastly, here’s a run down on some of the moves the Leafs could consider to end their summer: