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There’s really very little to say about this year’s NHL Entry Draft. The Leafs hold just 3 picks this year and none are very high on the board. With picks #57, 153 and 185, even if they decide to pull off a patented Dubas-trade-back to recoup more picks, we still shouldn’t expect much action.

For those thinking that the Leafs may be willing to trade into the first round, Dubas had this to say yesterday:

He’s betting his job that the current core can win in the playoffs this season, which likely means any player that is worthy of a 1st round pick in a trade will not be moved. Meanwhile, outside of Alex Kerfoot, who also appears to be staying put, they don’t have any players worthy of a 2nd round pick that they seem willing to move either. It is possible that we could see a minor trade for a 4th round pick or later, but that is the height of my expectations.

Moving on.

For draft profiles you should keep an eye out for these three players, as I know Dubas by now so I can guarantee that these will be their three picks (Just call me Blue Seravalli as I take all the suspense out of this draft weekend for Leaf fans):

Pick #57

Centeri Russianolov – This Russian Centre stands at 5’7″, 165lbs, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in speed and effort. He has very high hockey IQ and is AN ABSOLUTE STEAL!!!! in the second round. It’s amazing that he dropped this far in the draft. Projects as a winger in the NHL.

Pick #153

Devan America – This right shot blueliner isn’t the biggest in the draft, but he has great promise as a puck rushing defender. He’s 5’9″, 152lbs and loves to score goals. Very high hockey IQ, see’s the ice extremely well, has great edges and every Twitter scout had him ranked between 1-40, so the fact that he was still on the board makes him AN ABSOLUTE STEAL!!!

Pick #185

Hughie Sweed – This monstrous Swedish defender stands at 5’10, 187lbs. He’s frickin hugh!! He doesn’t play like it though. Instead, he likes to use his stick to ward off attackers while keeping his distance from the corners and picking his spots to join the rush. He’s like a 4th forward out there and getting him at #185 is AN ABSOLUTE STEAL!!!! Well played Kyle, well played.

Enjoy the draft folks. I’m heading to my cabin for the weekend because I have no interest in what we’re about to see over the next two days.