Game #62: Leafs @ Predators, 7pm (EST)

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Some interesting news around the NHL today. First, we’ll cover a couple of trades that have happened:

That’s a hefty price to pay and I’m glad Kyle Dubas is steering clear of the rental madness at the moment. The hope is that he pays a smaller price for a player that surprises and adds more to the team than what they’re billed to do.

This one is a smaller deal, but worth pointing out:

Deslauriers doesn’t bring much to a team in regards to the scoresheet, but he’s as tough as they come.

It now appears that Claude Giroux is officially off to play for the Florida Panthers as well:

Then there’s this interesting name on the waiver wire:

Phillippe Myers is just 25 years old and is a 6’5″ RHD. He’s had success in the NHL before, but has had a rough go in Nashville. He’s a reclamation project but could be one worth spending the time on. If the Leafs want depth he could be a solid addition. My guess is that a team with a higher waiver priority will claim him before the Leafs do, but if not then taking a stab would be well worth a shot. Myers is signed through next season at a caphit of $2.55M.

Lastly, Darren Dreger dropped this bomb:

I know this deal would have included Mrazek as a cap dump and Fleury coming back as the best goalie rental on the market, but that would only work out if the Leafs made a deep playoff run. Considering the high possibility that the Leafs could see the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round, it’s tough to bet on a deep run right now. This could have meant giving up a lot of assets only to be left with Hagel and some cap space at the start of next season, while also suffering another 1st round exit. I think this would have been a deal the team would regret, so I’m glad they didn’t make it.

Fleury could still be on the move however:

Lastly, I’m ready for a quiet deadline from the Leafs. One name I like a lot is Jacob Middleton:

Middleton is a big LD that plays a physical brand of hockey. He could be a solid partner for a player like Rasmus Sandin.

Enjoy the game.