William Nylander

There’s a lot of talk surrounding William Nylander right now, as it appears that contract negotiations aren’t going overly well. You consistently hear about teams having their own pay scale. As in, Player “A” is the captain and leader on the team and makes, for example, $10M per year, so the very skilled Player “B” … Read more

As Always We Ask, What’s Next?

Just as every fan base around the NHL is asking themselves right now, us Leafs fans are also wondering what’s next for the Leafs to accomplish? First off, we’ll talk a little about what has already happened. As it stands, this is the Leafs roster: Obviously, with free agency still in full swing, this could … Read more

Free Agency Day

Here’s the Leafs situation in a nutshell: With this roster the team has 13.5M in capspace. To achieve this number Matt Murray was sent to the Marlies for (presumeably) the season. If the Leafs find a new home for Murray and don’t take any salary back in the deal, then the number rises to 17M. … Read more

So, The Leafs Want To Get Meaner Eh?

A few options hitting the UFA market on Saturday that will help accomplish that feat include: Ryan Reaves I can’t say I’m all that enthused about the thought of siging Reaves to play for the Leafs. Yes, he’s big and, for my money, he’s the best fighter in the NHL, but that’s really all that … Read more

With The 28th Pick, The Leafs SElect……

The draft is today and the trades have begun around the NHL: And a little bit of Leafs news: It’s certainly anything but a season of change for the Buds, as all of their concentration appears to be directed towards getting Auston Matthews and William Nylander locked into new contracts, rather than making actual moves … Read more

With The 28th Pick, The Leafs SElect…….

The draft is tomorrow and it’s my belief that we’ll see our first trade of the Treliving era before the Leafs take the stage to make a selection at #28. I think one of two things will happen; either the Leafs will trade the pick for a player that can help them immediately, or they’re … Read more

With The 28th Pick, The Leafs Select…….

Koehn ZiemmerPosition: Right WingShoots: RightHeight: 6’0”Weight: 195lbsNHL Comparable: Blake Coleman or Sam Bennett I actually had to dig a little deeper to find a Canadian that doesn’t play a fluffy game and came up with Koehn Ziemmer. The combination of skill and a lack of grit among Canadian Jr’s is a little concerning these days, … Read more

With the 28th pick, the Leafs select…….

While the hockey world discusses what parts they’d like to pick from the carcass of the Calgary Flames, we’ll keep rolling along with our draft profiles. Today we’ll cover a good Canadian defender. Also, the correct answer is Chris Tanev and Mikael Backlund to play top pair and 3C respectively. Lukas DragicevicPosition: DefenseShoots: RightHeight: 6’1’”Weight: … Read more

It appears the Calgary Flames Are Imploding

All three of Hanifin, Lindholm and Backlund are heading into the final year of their contracts The expectation will be that they’ll be moved before next season starts in order to avoid another Johnny Gaudreau situation, which newly appointed GM Craig Conroy has said is a situation he’d like to avoid in the future. Meanwhile, … Read more

With The 28th Pick, The Leafs Select…..

David EdstromPosition: CentreShoots: LeftHeight: 6’3’”Weight: 185lbsNHL Comparable: Zach Hyman David Edstrom is anything but a flashy player. That’s not to say that he isn’t effective offensively, but that the way he produces is of the meat and potatoes, get to the net and stuff the puck home variety. He possesses a good shot and good … Read more