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No news to share today. We’ll just dedicate an entire thread to the insanely talented, should be top 5 in the draft, can’t miss goaltending prospect that is Michael Hrabal!!

Michael Hrabal
Position: Goaltender
Shoots: Left
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 209lbs
NHL Comparable: A blend of Dominik Hasek, Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Henrik Lundqvist and Garrett Sparks

Michael Hrabal is a smooth criminal.

His movements in goal are smooth and he robs opponents with a good glove hand regularly. His height allows him to see around most opponents and position himself well while the puck is moving around the zone. He’s quick and agile and plays a calm game, but can give up rebounds that aren’t ideal and sometimes plays too deep in his net. As for the generic scouting report, that’s all I can offer, as the goalie position doesn’t lend itself to a lot of discussion. You’re either saving pucks or you’re not and not much else matters.

However, I will say this; It’s very tough to gauge goaltenders at 18 years of age, but Hrabal does seem like a very good bet when you watch him. His size alone means he takes up a ton of net and, as usual, he’ll naturally thicken up as he gets older, which will only help him stop more pucks. His movements aren’t awkward. His ability to read the play is good, as he isn’t reacting to shots, but getting into position early and making saves look routine.

I’ve stated in the comment section here that I’d like the Leafs to take a big defender or a forward that plays with an edge, but if they decided to take Hrabal I’d feel confident that they made a good choice.