Welcome Back Travis Dermott!!

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What do you even say about Travis Dermott?

With good mobility, not much offensive flare, some questionable defensive instincts and not much else, he isn’t exactly lighting the NHL on fire.

With this said, he does serve as good depth. The question is if you should pay $1.5M per season for good depth?

According to capfriendly.com, this leaves the Leafs with about $9.3M in cap space with only a few spots left to fill (depending on who you consider locks to make the roster. Adam Brooks for example, NHLer or no?)

With a backup goaltender set to take up a couple of million from that space and Zach Hyman still unsigned, it’s going to be interesting to see how this roster develops over the next few weeks, especially leading up to the Seattle Expansion Draft.

If Dermott is here next season I hope he does well. I’ve always believed that his ceiling is much higher than we’ve seen in recent years.

Good luck Derms!!