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Just a few notes because I still don’t care. Hopefully I’ll start getting back into this soon because it’s actually not fun to be this despondent about something that I have dedicated so many hours of my life to.

Your training camp roster:

Did Mikheyev ask for a trade this summer?

I wish I could agree that working hard is easy for this team.


Some lineups, because that’s basically the main storyline this preseason…..

Also, it looks as though they brought in a player to help check Brandon Pridhams work, as well as skate in camp….

Lastly, I hate this organization because what the hell is this way overpriced garbage?

I shouldn’t be surprised though, the overpriced garbage they sell off ice matches the overpriced garbage they sell on the ice. Yeah, I’m talking about you, ya sooky baby!! (but not just you)