Round 2, Game #5: Game Day Primer + Question of the Day

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I’m not going to dive too deep into the game itself. They’ve dug a hole that we all know they can’t dig themselves out of.

The hilarious thing is, if I try to picture all of the outcomes from this series, the one that jumps out as being the most Leafy to play out is them winning three straight games, only to drop Game 7 at home.

The one thats most likely? They lose tonight. At home. In a blowout.

Because, The Leafs.

Regardless of what happens, the development of Joseph Woll has been a plus. He looks as if he’d be a good backup next season. The question is, who will be the starter?

Question Of The Day:

After they pushed past the Lightning in Round 1, it was assumed that doing so assured Kyle Dubas and, subsequently, Sheldon Keefe, the option of returning as GM and Head Coach of the Leafs, respectively. Losing the first three games in Round 2 reignited the chatter about heads rolling once again (and rightfully so). So, the question of the day is this; How many games do the Leafs have to win in this round to save Kyle’s bacon??

My personal opinion? They need to push this series all the way and possibly even win in order to continue on this path. Even if they pushed it all the way, as in force Game 7 but lose, I’d still like to see the coach replaced. When words like “confused” and “baffled” begin to enter a coach’s vocabulary, you know he’s out of ideas. I know Dubas won’t fire his friend, but he should, because professional sports isn’t about friendship within the management group, it’s about doing what’s right for the franchise and what’s right for this franchise is having a capable coach to lead one of the most skilled groups to ever dawn the Toronto Maple Leafs’ jersey.

Once again, I think they’ll overthink it though, because things must be complext to be right. Right, Kyle?