Round 1, Game 5: Lightning @ Leafs, 7:30pm (EST)

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I have to be honest, a large part of me doesn’t even want to watch this game. I mean, why would I willingly put myself through the pain that I fully expect this team to put me through again? Wouldn’t it be much easier to go to bed, get a great night’s sleep, awake tomorrow rested and ready for the day and continue to withdraw from a team that cares less about this jersey than they ever have about their contracts? Yeah, I’m looking at you William Nylander:

When one of your most important players completely gives up on a puck that’s headed for the corner like that, it really shows how much heart and passion is flowing through your dressing room. Down by 5 goals and watching a player give so few shits is tough.

William went on to score two goals later in the game, which is a microcosm of his entire career. #88 is a player that simply can’t be bothered to put in the effort most days, but gets through on skill and reading the play. The fact that he can produce with so little effort is impressive, but it leaves many fans wondering just how good he could be if he actually cared. It appears that he’s simply riding out his years in Toronto, while preparing for his next home.

The question on many minds is how soon will that move to a new home come? My hope is at the draft this year and I’ve been saying that since the start of the season, this just cements that hope.

In other “the hell??” news, we’ll see Justin Holl dress again in Game 5. It appears that Sheldon Keefe has found a toy that must be taken away for his own good, as Holl doesn’t appear to be one of the 6 best options among the team’s available defenders right now. I won’t say much on this, because there’s no point in beating it to death.

We all have to hope that Holl rises to the level that Sheldon Keefe believes he can play.

Good luck Justin. I certainly hope you play the game of your life tonight.

Here are your projected lines:

The nerves have set in for me, I can only imagine what the players are going through. Let’s hope they thrive on it for a change.

Enjoy the game.