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David Alter has his version of the “Question of the Day” here:

I’ll call that a fair question. With the way we saw the DOPS and refs treat Nazem Kadri, while considering the fact that Bunting is a rat and a whiney little s*^t much the same, wouldn’t it be conceiveable that he gets suspended for the rest of the series? It wouldn’t surprise me at all, even though I think a 1 game suspension is more than enough.

Feel free to give your thoughts on Bunting, but my question of the day is this:

Has either one of Mitch Marner and/or Auston Matthews, the 1st and 3rd highest caphits on the team, while also being the 3rd and 7th highest caphits in the league, ever really put this team on their back in the playoffs and won them a playoff game? Sure, there have some good games played by the team where they were part of the success, but I’m talking about the rest of the team coming out flat, only to have them raise the stakes and lead their group to victory. After a complete beat down, in which both were mostly M.I.A. the question has to be asked.