Round 1, Game #2.3 – Leafs @ Canadiens: 7:30PM (EST)

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Here we are, game 4 already and up 2-1 in the series. It has been a close series thus far and the leafs have sustained some key injuries already. Obviously JT is out for an unknown amount of time, Foligno was lined up to play last night but just after warmups it was decided he would not play. With all this being said, Kerfoot has certainly stepped up in the absence of these two last game.

Overall as a team the Leafs have played well, not great, but well. Game 2 was dominant by the leafs but last night they capitalized on a couple chances and held on by the skin of their teeth (and thanks to some huge saves by Campbell).

So now the question is, who do we start tonight? Do we keep riding Campbell, or do we give him a break and hope Fred can get us a win. The thing with Campbell playing again, is that he has been nursing an injury most of this season so do we risk playing him and injuring him long term which could ruin any chance of a deep run? Or do we say the hell with it because we have lost all faith in our previous starter Andersen? If it’s me, I run Campbell and hope for the best (not before consulting him first though) because to me this is a must win game. We can’t let Montreal force game 6 and 7 because as we all know, we don’t do so good with closing out series in games 6 and 7 so I’d be much happier if we could do it in 5.

Through the first 3 games, yes 3 games not 2, my favourite players so far are Matthews, Campbell, Simmonds and Nylander. If you told me a year ago that Nylander would be one of my favourites on the Leafs this playoffs I would’ve told you to go suck on a door knob.

Some players that I’d like to see more from are Marner, Mikheyev and Galchenyuk just to name a few, Mikheyev has been working his ass off but I’d like to see him get some more scoring opportunities, Marner hasn’t really done a whole lot offensively and avoids physical confrontation like the plague (for the most part). Galchenyuk last night was horrendous, he’s been a wild card this year, has some really great games and some stinkers.

Anyway, overall I’m glad we’re up 2-1 in the series but the boys really need to bring it for the foreseeable future.

Line rushes to be posted later DO THE GOD DAMN WORK

Author: Colby Murphy