NHL/NHLPA making progress…. maybe

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I’ll let Frank Seravalli take it from here:

While Gary Bettman can say that they aren’t looking to renegotiate the CBA, it’s also been put out there that he has made the players know that how their earning are managed in the future will depend on the decisions they make in the present.

In other words, get in line or we’ll remember this next time.

The NHLPA, on the other hand, is considering legal action if the NHL cancels the season outright. The simple fact of the matter is that it appears that the NHL didn’t bargain in good faith this time around, and now they’re pressuring the players to give back. They’ll get away with it, the only question is how long do the fans have to go without watching hockey while they do?

We’ll just have to wait to see how things turn out, which is fantastic if you ask me, there’s nothing I love more than watching millionaires and billionaires duke it out over more money than I could ever imagine having in my life. Oh joy!!!