Is Hockey Coming Back This Season?

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They’re calling it COVID fatigue.

It’s not that people are relaxing, it’s simply that folks have been locked down for so long that they just want to do things that give them a sense of normalcy again.

Like Christmas shopping, or giving somebody a hug. You know, all those terrible things we aren’t allowed to do anymore.

The result is the number of people infected with COVID19 rising drastically by the day. Thats a fact.

The question is if this will keep the players off the ice for the year.

It does sound like the NHL wants to have a season, even if it will be shortened to 60 games. It also sounds like they are okay with the fact that some clubs will end up with infected players. Lastly, it sounds like they want to go ahead with the year anyway.

Maybe. Honestly, I haven’t been reading about it much, just skimming Twitter at times and guessing about the content of hockey articles based on their title. This is what happens when you have a 6 week old at home, a business to run and beer to drink every night.

What say you? What am I missing? Tell me, will there be hockey this season?