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As the Leafs get set to face the Blue Jackets tonight, all eyes will be on the two individuals that are reffing the game and Michael Bunting.

I have to say, I feel for the refs on this one. Not only has Bunting consistently embellished during his time in Toronto, but it also sounds as if he was asked by management to avoid speaking to the officials at all after whistles. How bad does an individual have to be before they’re asked to give up speaking to the refs? Also, what kind of dumb things was he saying to allow things to get this bad?

It has reached a boiling point for Sheldon Keefe and Kyle Dubas, according to Keefe:

My question is this: With just 6 games left before the playoffs begin, is it already too late for Bunting to get on the right side of the refs and how worried are you that this could end with a (or multiple) bad call(s) against the Leafs, potentially costing them a tight playoff series? Basically, have the refs made their point already?