Game #58: Coyotes @ Leafs, 7pm (EST)

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Jack Campbell will be out of the lineup for about two weeks, as he has been nursing an injury:

It’s yet to be seen if Kallgren will get to see his first NHL action, but it would serve to reason that the 25 year old that has been the main starting goalie for the Toronto Marlies will get the call at some point over the next few weeks. There are no back-to-backs scheduled for the Leafs until the 26th and 27th of March and they’re set to enjoy their lightest portion of the schedule for the rest of the season, but running Mrazek non-stop may be a poor idea, as he may be relied upon in the playoffs and should be kept as fresh as possible for that.

Cue the theories as to when Campbell was hurt exactly, but this one seems to make some sense:

I’m not exactly sure how that hit results in a rib injury, but it was around the time that Jack Campbell went from hero to zero.

Management should take two things from this. First, they need to learn to sit their goalies if they aren’t feeling well. Second, they need to employ some players that are willing to take exception to a guy running their goalies like that. Wayne Simmonds actually fought Foligno in the 1st period of that game, so having him as a deterrant obviously didn’t work. I’m not sure what the solution is exactly, because Simmonds went toe-to-toe with Foligno and held his own, but this team is kitten soft and these are the results of building a team like that.

Jakub Chychrun wants to play in Toronto!!!!

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s fun to talk about.

Enjoy the game.