Game #55 – Leafs @ Senators: 8pm (EST)

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If your favourite thing to watch is meaningless hockey then have we got a treat for you!! The Leafs, who have clinched the North Division title, are set to face the Senators, who were out of the playoff picture sometime in November (the season hadn’t even started yet).

Seriously, the best result for both teams tonight would be for everybody to walk off the ice without an injury. This game has almost no meaning as far as the standings go.

The Senators, if they’re being honest with themselves, are better off throwing the game in an effort to move up the draft board. Meanwhile, the Leafs may be better off with an extra two points to try to better their place in the standings, as the playoff matchups will be reseeded if they make the 3rd round (which would mean potentially playing a team that has overachieved to that point). So, while there is a little something to play for and I expect both teams to put in an honest effort, it’s still a nothing game.

Here are your expected lines:

Frederik Andersen will start this game, his first since March 19th versus the Calgary Flames.

It’s expected that Jack Campbell will start the next and final game of the season. It may be a foregone conclusion that Campbell starts in the playoffs, considering his stellar 17-2-2 record, 0.923SV% and 2.11GAA, but Andersen has been with the team for a long time, so a great game from him tonight could muddy those starting-goalie-waters.

Enjoy the game.