Game #45 – Leafs @ Canucks: 7pm (EST)

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It’s been almost a month since the Vancouver Canucks last played a game of hockey. The team was hammered by COVID19, with 24 players and one coach contracting the Brazilian variant of the virus. Now, with 19 games scheduled in the next 32 days, the Canucks are just trying to finish the season as best as they can.

This type of storyline has been a huge red flag for me in recent years. It’s ripe with the potential for the Leafs to embarrass themselves. This is a game they should win. The Canucks should be rusty and out of sync. The 2pts that’s on the line tonight should be ripe for the taking. This should be a great way to bust the 3 game losing streak they’re currently on.

To add to it, both William Nylander and Auston Matthews could return to the lineup tonight.

Let’s hope this team can put my fears to rest and pull out a much needed win.

Enjoy the game.