Game #22: Leafs @ Sharks, 10:30PM (EST)

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I’d like to start by wishing my best to Doug Wilson, the long time GM of the San Jose Sharks, as he has taken a leave of absence from the club for medical reasons:

The only thing we really have is our health, so we should take care of that as best we can, which also includes getting vaccinated against COVID (IMO), but that’s as political as I’ll get on here (I already regret saying anything).

With that said, fuck the San Jose Sharks, I hope the Leafs embarrass them!! (I think you know who I took on my proline tonight lol)

A win tonight won’t be easy, as San Jose starting goalie, James Reimer, is a former Leaf, which most likely means he’ll stand on his head and steal the show against his old club. That’s what generally happens in these situations (former Leaf pick, Sean Durzi, played his first NHL game against the Leafs a couple of nights ago and registered 1G and 2pts in the Kings’ loss. This is what I’m talking about). The hope is that the Leafs will burn the old script for a night and win me some money!! I mean, win the game because the 2pts is what matters? Sorry. How selfish of me.

Oh, who am I kidding, they forced me to pay $200 to a Hab fan last year, fuck them, go win me some money!!!

Wait, what’s that you say? Joseph Woll is starting, so why am I confident in putting money on the Leafs tonight? Well, it’s because Woll is coming off his 1st career NHL shutout, in just his 2nd career NHL game. He’s on pace to never lose a game and half of his wins will be shutouts. I think that’s worth betting on, wouldn’t you say?

Enjoy the game.