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So I’d like to start out this game day preview with a message for the players. FIGHT FOR YOUR TEAMMATES, SHOW SOME PASSION. Now that that’s out of the way, there were a few things that came out of game one that I’d like to voice my opinion on. 

Firstly, the injury of Tavares, I’m not going to talk about the hit or who did what or if it was intentional etc, we have a huge hole to fill at centre now and hopefully with the combination of Kerfoot, Spezza, Nash and Engvall we can figure out some good lines to run. I didn’t mention Thornton in that because, well… He’s looked very out of place, on wing, on the 4th line so there’s that. 

Secondly, to wish nothing but a healthy recovery for JT for the sake of his health and his family, with 2 young kids at home and his wife among his other immediate family members and friends, that’s not something you wish on anyone. 

Thirdly, I’d like to thank Dubas for addressing the cover that the Toronto Sun posted less than 24 hrs after JT was injured and we were all unaware of his actual health so it made it that much worse, and it was pretty bad to begin with. Here are the comments by Dubas 

Fourthly, Fourthly? Fourth? English… Yeah, so next.. Matthews and Chariot, yes Matthews laughed about Chariot rag dolling him, it is what it is. Matthews isn’t a fighter, we are all aware of this. However, someone needs to step up and level/fight Chariot in game 2 for a few reasons that we are all aware of. Sure Matthews should’ve gave him a shot back, but let me run this by you. Matthews gets riled up over it, likely cross checks him to the face or hits him or something, refs are ALWAYS looking for the retaliation to call a penalty, he gets a penalty and the game could’ve turned out worse. For what? Nothing..

Lines as of yesterday at practise

No lines as of yet today but Campbell is in the crease tonight again, Engvall and Galchenyuk are in the lineup tonight for JT and Nash who is a healthy scratch. Hutton is back practising with a regular jersey so it’s possible if Sandin has another bad game we see him inserted next game. There is certainly enough depth and talent to win these games, the boys just have to do the work. 



Author: Colby Murphy