Game #11: Flyers @ Maple Leafs, 7pm (EST)

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The early part of this season has been a disaster for the Leafs and it doesn’t appear to be getting any easier.

The Leafs are riding a 4 game losing streak (Vegas, San Jose, Los Angeles and Anaheim) and they’re now set to face a resurgent Philadelphia (5-2-2), Boston (9-1-0), Carolina (6-2-1), Vegas (9-2-0) and Pittsburgh (4-4-2). All teams that have been notorious for giving them fits (except for Pittsburgh, for some reason) and the rest of the month is much the same.

The question on much of Leafs Nation’s mind now is, if this losing streak stretches to 7, 8 or 9 games, will we finally see major change to management, coaching or to any of the core group or players?

One thing that we all know for sure is that the team, as constructed, isn’t a Stanley Cup contender. I’m still confident that they’ll make the playoffs, but another 1st round exit is in the cards.