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Theres just 2 more pre-pre-season games, followed by 82 more pre-season games and then we can see if this team has what it takes to play real hockey or not.

In the meantime, Fraser Minten is pushing for a spot on the roster:

David Alter @dalter

Fraser Minten says he feels no pressure going into the game tonight and didn’t expect to be here at this stage: “I don’t feel like I can lose out there tonight no matter how it goes.”

David Alter


Keefe re Minten: I intend to play him a lot tonight.

Lastly, there are just a few cuts left to make before the salary cap takes effect. The useless John Klingberg is expected to stand in the say of the team being able to keep depth players around, such as Simon Benoit, Noah Gregor and Martin Jones. $4.15M was always far too much to hand over for Klingberg and, yes, I’m truly of the opinion that Simon Benoit could help this team more than Klingberg can right now. A good point shot is definitely needed, but when thats all a player brings and it costs that much, you have to wonder if the guys in the front office have the slightest clue what they’re doing in the first place.

Enjoy tonights game. Go Leafs!!