Deadline Recap(ish)/Game Day Primer

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I fully intended to write something up about all the new additions and how it could really help the team.

Then the core came out flat and shit the fuckin bed like they always do and I realized it would just be a rage piece about how they’ll never change and how you can switch the complementary pieces around all you want but this team will still need major surgery at the end of the day and it really started with the management team after they coddled the kids which allowed them to believe the statements made by media and fans alike that stated that it’s only a matter of time before they break through in the playoffs but that isn’t technically true because all that actually does it reinforces the idea that if they just keep doing what they’re doing instead of working harder they’ll be just fine but the actual secret to success in hockey and life in general is to fight harder and work harder until you don’t have anything left and even then you may never obtain all the things you set out to accomplish but at least you’d know that you gave it your all *DEEP INHALE* but I just don’t see a future where any of these guys won’t look back and wish that they had just done a little more or cared a little more or bled a little more or pushed a little more for this franchise and this jersey because even now they’re being told that it’s not them but the guys below them in the lineup that didn’t bring enough compete level and energy to the game and its the Engvalls and Sandins of the world that had to go because success in Toronto means being a spoiled all-star a grizzled vet that plays for league minimum of a bottom 6 forward thats willing to toss the body around and the game is so much more than that but they’ll never know that because nobody is willing to tell them that they’re supposed to embody the entirety of all of those things and its only then that they’ll be successful in the playoffs.

If we could all just tell them one thing it should be just that.
Have the passion of the grizzled vet.
Have the reckless abandon of the gritty depth guy.
Combine those things with the skill they have and this team will win.
Instead, we’re set for 7 more games of 1st round mediocrity. Good luck anyway, I guess.