A Few Soft Stick Checks

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The Marlies signed Keith Petruzzelli and people seem to be pretty pumped about it.

Keith was a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award, has a stereotypical goalies build (6’5″, 185lbs), is 22 years old and had great numbers last season at Quinnipiac University, where he played in 29 games and posted a 1.89GAA, to go along with a 0.926SV%. Hopefully this guy can contribute at the AHL level and earn himself an NHL contract.

Wayne Simmonds and Kurtis Gabriel are gearing up for a gritty season:

Gabriel was involved in 4 NHL fights last season. Meanwhile, the Leafs team had 8 fights total. That’s…. interesting.

Lastly, the real news is that there is no news. Morgan Rielly and his new contract is a front burner issue. The contracts some defensemen signed this summer is out of this world, so it’s expected that Rielly will be paid an astronomical amount, even if he takes a discount. While most believe he should be traded because of this, it’s strange to think about Rielly in any other jersey than a Leafs’ jersey.