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Tom Willander
Position: Defense
Shoots: Right
Height: 6’1’”
Weight: 180lbs
NHL Comparable: Rasmus Sandin

Tom Willander is a big f’in NOPE for me, because he doesn’t possess any of the attributes that I would like to see in the next pick made by the Leafs, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good prospect.

Willander, for starters, sounds too close to Nylander and that’s a knock against him for no apparent reason. He’s a smooth skating defenseman that is good in transition, can get shots through and is good in his own zone. He isn’t the most physical player, but he has good vision and on-ice awareness, choosing his spots to jump into the rush, while taking care of his own zone first.

While all of that sounds great, because it is, I believe that this organization is in need of a different set of attributes at the moment, like physicality and size and Willander doesn’t bring either one.

Solid option for another team come draft day.