Free Agents, The Draft And The Expansion Draft

The NHL Entry Draft (Oct 6-7) and Free Agency (Oct 9) are quickly approaching, and, spoiler alert, Alex Pietrangelo isn’t about to be a Toronto Maple Leaf.  Can I say that with any kind of certainty?  Yes. Yes, I can.  You’ve read it all before but I’ll do a quick recap anyway.  Yes, technically they … Read more

Identity Pt 4: Goalies, Coaches And Above All, Management

To truly change the culture and identity of an organization you need time, stability, and a clear and concise vision of what you want that identity to be.  As of this date I don’t believe that vision exists within the management group.  After Brendan Shannahan was hired as President and Alternate Governor a lot of … Read more

Identity Pt. 2: Leafs Forwards

As we all know, the identity of a team doesn’t lie within a single player, coach, or somebody in management. It’s something an organization carries with them throughout years and, much of the time, decades.  It takes an impossibly long time to build, and thus becomes something that’s ingrained within the fibers of the jersey, … Read more


Identity: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.  We’re told that this core of Toronto Maple Leafs are still looking for their identity. When we talk about teams and their identity we often grasp at obscure concepts rather than concrete definitions. Terms such as “gritty” and “heart” get thrown around, … Read more

Puckin Leafs | Blue’s “Bag of Pucks” Mailbag

The first question for this week’s installment of Blue’s “Bag of Pucks” mailbag comes from Tommy Cat via Twitter: What Leaf special team are you most disappointed in this year? — Tommy Cat (@TommyCa59436681) March 8, 2020 This isn’t even close for me, it’s the penalty kill.  As of this writing the Leafs have a … Read more

Puckin Leafs | Blue’s “Bag of Pucks” Mailbag

Welcome to the initial installment of Bag of Pucks brought to you by Jeff Wlliams or @4evrb1ue if you frequent the Twitterverse. Ask your questions anytime by indicating #BagOfPucks in your reply here or on Twitter @PuckinLeafs and we will consider it for the following weeks Bag of Pucks article. Enjoy Puckers! Is Morgan Rielly … Read more